Booking / Payment


On this page you can choose what to do next.

Please click the following link to proceed with the payment. Before payment you should decide what course is the most suitable for you and choose its parameters: length, accomodation option and start date.


Otherwise, if in doubt, you can book the course with no payment. You can ask all the questions you have. Our manager will contact you by the phone or e-mail and give a detailed information on cources, prices and schedule.


If you wish to book a Free two-week course of Russian language, please write it down in 'Comments' field.

Please remember: price of education process is zero, while the accomodation costs and travel expenses are as usual. Our manager will provide you all the details after booking.

If you wish to commit a payment for other RLH services, please proceed to the Custom payment page and fill the form as discussed with our managers.

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